New 21gal Rear Mount Poly Gas Tank
Conversion Kit FOR
1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972
Chevy GMC Truck

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New 21gal Rear Mount Poly Gas Tank <br>Conversion Kit FOR <br>1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 <br>Chevy GMC Truck<br><br><font color="ff0000"><center>Cust Service 800-223-2501</font color="ff0000"></center>
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Product Description

⦁ 29"w x 17"x 14" (tank fits between frame rails) 2 ea. mounting straps 1 ea
⦁ 1/4 inch thick Polyethylene Tank won't crack at -130 degrees
⦁ No welds or seams to fail or leak
⦁ Not returnable due to "Will not fit my truck" or "This is not made for my truck"
⦁ You must remove the spare tire bracket.
⦁ Some trucks also require trimming of the bed "cross sill" for proper clearance.
⦁ The tank filler O.D. is 1 3/8"
⦁ You must also install a new fuel line along the passenger side frame rail. (not included with the kit)
⦁ Fabrication of filler neck in location of your preference... typically in bed or wheel well. (filler neck and hose to connect filler neck to tank are not included)
⦁ Drill holes in frame rails for the "J bolts" used for mounting the tank straps

⦁ This conversion kit is the only option we know of to eliminate the hazardous, smelly in-cab fuel tank set ups.
⦁ Since each installation is a custom job there are no instructions.
⦁ The tank mounts where the spare tire carrier is located (existing carrier support must be removed).
⦁ We guarantee that the tank fits neatly in-between the frame rails, the mounting straps will fit, the sender is made for this tank, and that the sender is compatible with your truck's stock fuel gauge ohm rating. (it will read correctly)
⦁ Extra vent outlet fittings are included. If you do not need them, simply cap them off. "International buyers will be responsible for all import fees and duties. The Seller will not be responsible for any fees from the buyer importing this to his/her country"

O# 2042/GMSU-1/GMGTS-2 x 2

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